String Instruments

6 Best Beginner Harps in 2020: Brand Buying Guide

One of the oldest instruments, harps have a very medieval charm to it. And no wonder, it has been existing since over 3,000 BCE.  With...

10 Best Banjo for Beginners in 2020: Brand Buying Guide

The Banjo is among the most melodious string instruments. Its sweet, soothing tune creates unmatched magic. When played alongside vocals, it gives the song...

Best Hollow Body Guitars & Semi-Hollow Body Guitars: Brand Buying Guide

When buying an electric guitar for the first time, you will surely get overwhelmed by all the options available in the market. This isn’t...

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Wind Instruments

5 Best Ocarina for Beginners 2020: Brand Buying Guide

Ocarina is one of the most unique wind instruments. Invented years and years ago, the instrument still has its own fan base among the...

10 Best Chromatic Harmonica’s 2020: Brand Buying Guide

The sound of a chromatic harmonica stands out amidst many other instruments. Hollywood has had many famous scores played on this instrument with a...

10 Best Flutes in 2020: Brand Buying Guide

The sheer variety of flutes available in the market is staggering. This makes it extremely confusing as to which flute you should buy, or...

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Pianos & Keyboards

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