“Fandango” (Amadeo Vives) Brass Quintet arr. Adrian Wagner Sheet Music



Composed by Amadeo Vives (1871-1932). Arranged by Adrian Wagner. Score, Set of Parts. 33 pages. Published by Published by Adrian Wagner (S0.243067).

  • Artist: Amadeo Vives
  • Instruments: Trumpet,Trombone,Tuba,Horn in F,Euphonium,Brass Quintet,Brass Choir or Ensemble
  • Format: Score,Set of Parts
  • Genre: N
  • Lead Time: Available Instantly
  • Publisher: Adrian Wagner


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Amadeu Vives i Roig (Catalan pronunciation: [əməˈðew ˈβiβəz i ˈrɔtʃ]; 18 November 1871 – 2 December 1932) was a Spanish musical composer, creator of over a hundred-stage works. He is best known for Doña Francisquita, which Christopher Webber has praised for its “easy lyricism, fluent orchestration and colourful evocation of 19th Century Madrid—not to mention its memorable vocal and choral writing” characterizes as “without doubt the best known and loved of all his works, one of the few zarzuelas which has ‘travelled’ abroad” .The personal papers of Amadeu Vives are preserved in the Biblioteca de Catalunya.

== Biography ==

A Catalan, Vives was born in Collbató, near Montserrat. He studied in Barcelona under José Ribera, and in 1891 helped found the influential Orfeó Català choral society, a key element in the Catalan musical renaissance. He then became an early pupil of Felipe Pedrell, a fundamental figure of 20th century Spanish music. He soon moved to Madrid, where he lived the rest of his life, first publishing a series of concert works, solo and much-loved choral songs before turning to the zarzuelas on which his fame rests.Before turning to zarzuela, Vives wrote a successful Catalan-language stage play, Jo no sabia que el món era així (“I didn’t know the world was like this”, 1929) and an ambitious four-act opera Artús (1897, Barcelona) based on Sir Walter Scott. A year later, his first zarzuela, the one-act (género chico) La primera del barrio, was produced at the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid.