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What Is The Best Paino Keyboards For Kids?

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Most Portable
Casio SA-46 Portable Keyboard
Casio SA-46 Portable Keyboard
Best Overall
Yamaha EZ220MM EZ Series
Yamaha EZ220MM EZ Series
Budget One
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Korg tinyPiano
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Pianos are a great instrument to make your child focus and concentrate on a single thing while activating those sensory nerves in the inner ear for acoustic sounds perception.

Moreover, kids who learn music from a tender age tend to become efficient artists later on in life.

There are many piano keyboards available in the market for entry-level players. But not all of them fit a kid.

Finding a good quality piano keyboard for your child is way more difficult than finding one for you. So we are here to help you out in choosing the most suitable keyboard for your kid from some of the best beginner piano keyboards built especially for children between 5-14 years.

Top 9 Piano Keyboards for Kids

Now to help you out, we have included a list of best piano keyboards for kids with as many diverse options as possible in terms of size, shape, key-set, accessories, affordability, and sound quality. We hope you find this easier than going to google it yourself and scratching your head in confusion.

So without further ado, let’s get started with the list

Budget- Friendly
Casio SA-46 Portable Keyboard

Casio SA-46 Portable Keyboard

Start your child’s Musical journey by gifting them a Casio Mini Keyboard

Topping the list we have the Casio SA-46 portable keyboard with mini keys perfectly suitable for little kids below 10 years of age. It has a very simple easy to follow user panel.

With high-quality 32 mini keys, the keyboard has a portable and an appealing design. The curved edges give extra protection to your kid’s hands. Moreover, the top panel has an easy-to-follow layout with 5 drum pads that can trigger percussion sounds, 100 in-built voices, and 50 drum patterns to top it all. There’s a headphone output attached to make your kid audible to the subtleties of the sound produced.

With this high-quality, highly portable mini keyboard from Casio, you can now make your kids play an instrument whenever and wherever they like. Another variant of the same keyboard comes in a bundle kit called the Casio SA-76.

Key Features:

  • This is a tiny keyboard with 32 mini keys.
  • It features 8-note polyphony, 5 drum pads with around 50 play-along tracks.
  • Priced under $50, this is an affordable and portable piano keyboard.
  • With an easy to follow user panel, this is an ideal choice for young kids.
Playable Keyboard
What Is The Best Paino Keyboards For Kids? 2

Yamaha EZ220MM EZ Series

Yamaha EZ220MM EZ Series 61-Key Portable Keyboard.

Yamaha also has a high-quality piano keyboard, especially for younger beginners. It’s the Yamaha EZ220MM EZ Series portable keyboard.

With 61 full-size, touch-sensitive keys, this keyboard has 3 amazing learning modes – the listen and learn mode, timing mode, and the waiting mode. Kids listen and watch the light-up keys when a song note is being played in the ‘listen and learn’ mode. The second mode lets the kids learn with one hand at a time. Finally, in the ‘waiting mode’, kids play the lit-up keys and wait for the next keys to be pressed to light up. This way they can easily learn all the precise notes of a song. 

Moreover, the keyboard has over 100 in-built songs, around 400 high-quality instrumental voices like guitar, piano, and drums with a hundred accompaniment styles. But to top it all, the keyboard comes in a premium bundle kit. The kit includes Samson HP30 closed-back stereo headphones, World SXKS keyboard stand, and PA-130 power supply, along with Yamaha’s free Education Suite that is loaded with interactive tutorials and exercises for learners. Well, you can power it with a battery while traveling.

Now you can make your kids learn rhythm with this top-notch Yamaha EZ220MM EZ Series lightweight keyboard along with the necessary accessories at their own convenience.

Key Features:

  • This is a 61-lighted touch-sensitive keys piano keyboard.
  • Comes in a premium beginner’s bundle kit consisting of the keyboard, a pair of stereo headphones, a power supply, and a top-notch keyboard stand.
  • Includes over 100 built-in songs, 390+ high-quality instrument voices, and 100 accompaniment styles with YES integration.
  • Right out of the box playable keyboard.
Highly Durable
What Is The Best Paino Keyboards For Kids? 3

Korg tinyPiano

Digital Toy Piano Black

The Korg tinyPiano is a stylish looking digital piano for kids. The 25-keys toy piano is ideal for kids below 5 years.

The 25 mini keys of this tinyPiano can produce twenty-five built-in sounds which in turn, make your kid learn the notes as quickly as they can play. It has a small, highly portable structure that can be powered up with the help of AA batteries. It also includes around 50 in-built demo songs played through the integrated speakers even when your kid is not pressing the keys. 

The Korg tinyPiano will be more like a digital toy to your kid of which they won’t get bored even after playing for weeks. 

Key Features:

  • This is a 25-key digital toylike piano for kids.
  • Powered by AA batteries, it has 50 in-built demo songs.
  • Has a stylish black finish and easily transportable design.
  • Comes with built-in speakers for more enjoyable playing.
Best Durability
Casio LK-265

Casio LK-265

Newest features include dance music Mode so you can be your own DJ and create dance music as well.

This is an awesome looking Casio LK-265 piano keyboard with Casio’s own key lighting system that gets illuminated automatically when pressed. So your kid can easily follow the illumination and learn with speed.

The device has 61 full-size velocity-sensitive keys within a compact and lightweight framework. There are over 400 tones and 150 rhythms integrated to explore a wonderful musical world. Not only that, but you can also combine the lit up keys with any music on its native Chordana Play app.

The keyboard features a dance music mode which allows for recreating and remixing play tracks with 50+ styles and listening to it via the in-built speakers or any connected headphones. It offers a break, outro, and intro effects on pressing different assigned keys. Moreover, it is compatible with any Android or iOS device. The piano keyboard is powered with either battery or the included AC adapter.

This featureful LK265 model from Casio is a must buy if you really appreciate the value that it’s going to offer to your child.

Key Features:

  • It’s a 61-key full-size touch-sensitive piano keyboard with 60 in-built songs, 400 tones, and 150 rhythms.
  • Boasts a featureful compact design besides being highly portable.
  • Powered by battery or the AC adapter included with the device.
  • Can connect to any iOS or Android device to play any on-screen music on Casio’s free Chordana Play App.
Budget One
What Is The Best Paino Keyboards For Kids? 4

VTech KidiStudio

Child can perform and record like a rock star with the Record & Learn KidiStudio by VTech.

Does your child keep everything with itself that attracts it often? Be it a toy or a gadget or a piece of cloth? Then he or she must be fond of colorful things which entertain and give the joy of owning it. Our next pick on the list has some similar attractive features. No child can get his eyes off from the VTech KidiStudio.

Meant for toddlers, this early education toylike recording keyboard lets them record and playback their created music with a voice changer and a microphone. With over 40 songs and sound effects like jazz and techno, this Karaoke toy can teach the kid rhythm, melody, tempo besides other important lessons like instruments, pretend play and expand their creativity level. Furthermore, you can power it up with 3 AA batteries that come with the device itself. 

As the brand claims, it’s a ‘record and learn studio’ for a kid, especially a toddler. So if you think it will be a great early education toy for your child, then you must buy this keyboard.

Key Features:

  • This is a 25-key toddler toy that acts like a recording studio.
  • Kids can record and playback their own created music.
  • Comes with over 40 songs and sound effects including techno, jazz, and rock-and-roll.
  • Powered with three AA batteries.
Brilliant Resonance
RockJam 561

RockJam 561

Wealth of preloaded sound options, including 50 demo songs, 100 rhythms, and 100 sounds.

Widely known RockJam brand is the forefather of entry-level keyboards. So we cannot think of the list of best piano keyboards for kids without the RockJam 561 that comes packed with loads of features inside a super kit.

It is a complete 61 full-size keys keyboard that has over 100 sounds and rhythms with 50 demo songs. All these functionalities can be played by looking at the splendid LCD screen attached to the front panel of the keyboard. As it’s a super kit, it comes with all the essential accessories. The kit contains a set of top-notch headphones, a durable padded stool, an adjustable, sturdy ‘z-shaped’ keyboard stand with other stuff like keynote stickers, a power supply, and a sheet music stand.

So all you need is now how to start learning the keyboard. To throw away that worry, this RockJam device includes access to one-month free membership of the Simply Piano app on any iOS or Android device. Furthermore, your kid can take two months of Face to Face lessons provided through the Take Lesson app. It is powered with an AC adapter as well as D size batteries.

This is a great portable and affordable all-in-one keyboard kit with some high-end accessories to start your kid’s musical journey right away. So don’t miss out on this one. 

Key Features:

  • The device has a full-size 61-key keyboard with a marvelous LCD screen powered by six D batteries as well as electricity.
  • It comes with all the high-quality necessary accessories – a set of headphones, a padded stool, and an adjustable keyboard stand.
  • The keyboard includes 100 rhythms and sound effects each along with 50 demo songs.
  • It comes with two months of free Face to Face lessons via ‘Take Lesson’ Piano Maestro app.
Best Choice
What Is The Best Paino Keyboards For Kids? 5

The ONE Smart Piano

A beginner musician can start to play music in minutes.

The ONE Music Group stands for its name. Their Smart Piano is an ultimate, high-end device, quite different from other piano keyboards on the list. It is integrated with a huge library of quality content accessible only through The ONE Smart Piano app on iOS and Android.

This 61 key LED light keyboard has a simple responsive design that won’t confuse your child a bit. It has some true smart content available on the Free App of ‘The ONE’ where the kid will get to learn professional piano lessons, fun games, sheet music, and several creative crash courses. It can play 128-note maximum note polyphony and 120+ sounds, besides the 3000 free music sheets through the good quality built-in speakers. It can be connected to any iOS or Android platform with USB Host/OTG. Nevertheless, as it’s a smart keyboard, it can only be powered with an ac/dc adaptor.

If you want your kid to educate digitally and perform his or her best in the future, then this The ONE smart device is just the one ultimate solution for you.

Key Features:

  • It’s a 61 LED lighted keys portable keyboard that acts as a home digital music equipment.
  • Features a simple easy to use design with 4000 smart content to choose from the Free App of ‘The ONE’ through the in-built powerful speakers.
  • Also available in a bundle kit including a good quality stand and a cushioned seat.
  • Three adorable color choices are there – golden white, black, and sakura pink.
Best For Beginners
What Is The Best Paino Keyboards For Kids? 6

Casio CTK-2550

Built-in lesson system to learn how to play your favorite songs.

The Casio CTK-2550 is a 61-key premium keyboard that comes bundled with all the essential accessories to play just right out of the box.

This 61-key starter piano comes with a power supply adapter, headphones, and a durable stand. Boasting a compact and portable design, the keyboard can play over 500 tones and rhythms through the in-built speakers. The included ‘dance music mode’ lets your child effortlessly create and remix any electronic dance track and select sounds from different instrument samples like a synth, bass lines, or drum beats. You can connect it to the Casio’s Chordana Play app anytime via an iOS or Android. The device can be powered by both AC adapter and batteries.

This CTK-2550 piano keyboard from Casio is a great starter kit to give your child this birthday. 

Key Features:

  • It’s a 61-key good quality keyboard with a stand, a set of headphones, and an AC adapter.
  • Has a compact and lightweight structure featuring 400 tones and 150 rhythms played through the well-built integrated speakers.
  • An ideal started kit for young kids.
  • Can be connected to the Chordana Play app through iOS and Android.
Highly Portable


Children or adults and makes a great first musical instrument.

Lastly, on our list of best piano keyboards for kids, we are including a recent favorite of many kids and young adults – the 61-key digital piano keyboard from Plixio. It is an extremely portable and affordable option for new learners.

This keyboard makes for a great practicing device for your child as it is quite lightweight and has a compact and stylish design. Featuring over 50 demo songs, 140 rhythms, tones, and percussions with volume or tempo control, this keyboard acts as an amazing karaoke device when plugged in with a microphone. But there’s no USB port present on the device. It comes with a power adapter, a music note curved sheet music stand, and an auxiliary cable. But the best part is that it includes one year’s warranty on any damage or defect.

You can purchase this as a first-ever great musical instrument to gift your children if they are going to any music school for the first time in life.

Key Features:

  • The Plixio digital piano keyboard is a 61-key lightweight device with an easy-to-practice keyboard design.
  • Highly portable due to the dual power supply system.
  • Includes over 100 rhythms, 40+ tones and percussion sounds plus 60 demo songs. 
  • This digital keyboard cum karaoke machine comes with a power adapter, a music note designed sheet stand, and an aux cable besides a one-year warranty on any wear and tear.

Why Should You Buy Your Kid A Piano Keyboard?

Is your kid curious enough to learn an instrument or has a knack for creating music? Does your child want to learn the piano? No matter what, pianos are the second most popular choice for parents to make their kids learn, next only to guitars. 

Every child is different. So do their needs. The guitar or any similar stringed instrument might be easier to learn but that makes your kid’s delicate fingers sore and damaged. So the next best option is the piano.

Pianos not only require more engagement, concentration, and passion to learn but also pretty harmonious and soothing to the ear. Traditional pianos can’t be the best option for a kid who is just starting out. You don’t want to burn down your entire savings to buy a single instrument, of course, if you’re not a multi-millionaire. So the digital keyboards which can mimic similar sounds come to your rescue.

You can always opt for a piano keyboard or a digital piano for your child. You don’t have to worry about how to look for and what to look for in the best piano keyboard for kids. Just go on reading this article. You will get a fair idea of all the bells and whistles you need to take care of while buying one for your child.What are the Different Types of Piano Keyboards for Kids?

The general intention of a kid is to look for everything that’s a toy. A piano or any such instrument should not be taken or handled like a toy though. Beginner-friendly piano keyboards are best suited to a kid but there is a difference between beginner-friendly pianos for adults and for kids.

The difference in piano keyboards depends on the age of a child. Some keyboards are meant for toddlers while some are for kids and others for children who are in their early teenage years. Toddler pianos look more like toys, colorful and lightweight with attractive design. Kids are more prone to buy solid colored pianos with great sound clarifications. Children above 10 years old like to have a cool and stylish looking piano with some amazing features and lots of knobs and buttons on it.

On the other hand, the piano keyboards for children of varying ages can be distinguished by its price range, too. The heavier the cost, the more it’s likely to mean for a growing child. This is all because of the building materials, features, and functionalities of the device. 

Moreover, the number of set keys play a huge role in determining the type of piano meant for kids. A child can easily carry a 37-key piano keyboard rather than an 88-key. And they won’t like it if an adult always carries it around for them. But of course, if your child is an expert you can obviously get an 88-key for him or her.

What to Look for in the Best Piano Keyboards for Kids?

As a parent, your first job is to look around for a keyboard suitable for children of your kid’s age. You can’t just buy one that’s meant for a 10-year-old if you have a giggling and crawling toddler at home. There are many piano keyboards available in the market for different ages. So pick one that’s perfect for your kid’s age.

The next job is to take notice of the size and look of the instrument. Small kids like to own a toy whereas growing ones like to have possession. So, take the effort to search for a cute looking keyboard that’s extremely lightweight and has mini keys if you have a toddler. If your kid is above 7 or 8 years of age, then you must go for keyboards with full-size keys like a 44 or 61. But never go above this if you don’t have a prodigy. 

Next comes the sound quality of the keyboard. If it doesn’t sound right, high chances your child will either throw it out or never use it for once. So focus on selecting an instrument that can keep up with your child’s attention and curiousness for long. The better the sound produced from a keyboard, the more creative will your child become.

Finally, you should not waste your fortune on the first-ever keyboard for your child. If the interest has already developed then you can go for expensive ones. We recommend you buy a cheap good quality piano keyboard for your kid at first until he or she develops a taste for it and starts exploring different genres of music.

Wrapping Up

You must have heard about the saying ‘the earlier, the better’. Whatever be the instrument your child finds interest in, the younger they start playing it, the easier it will be for them to rise towards perfection. It should always feed that inquisitiveness to the child. So if you don’t buy them the best one, it won’t be possible to achieve. But, do note, they might not love it afterward as you have hoped now because they are only children. Their minds are filled with the mysteries of nature. Don’t get upset so easily. Your main priority should always be your kid’s interest.

We hope the read was useful in finding a suitable piano keyboard for your kid considering all its pros and cons. After all, it should be enjoyable for your child. Gift your child music full of fun, not boredom, and liabilities. Choose a keyboard that will be fun and enjoyable to play. Good luck with all your efforts.

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