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Eastrock beginner’s flute
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Jean Paul USA FL-220
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Lazarro Flute with Closed Hole C
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The sheer variety of flutes available in the market is staggering. This makes it extremely confusing as to which flute you should buy, or which one fits your needs.

If you have searched online, then you already know that there are tons of different types of flutes. Not only that, but many of them come with a different set of features and functionalities. And let’s not forget about the different price segments they are available in – from $50 to $1000.

So which one should you get?

Well, here we have put together a comprehensive guide going over the different types of flutes, what features to consider when buying the best flute, and a list of the 10 best flutes on the market.

The list is made to be as diverse as possible. You should be able to find the perfect flute that fits your requirements as well as budget.

So without further ado, here is our complete and comprehensive review of the best flutes in the market along with a detailed buying guide:

Different Types of Flute

Among the modern instruments still in practice, the flute is the oldest. The make and usage of ancient flutes used to be simpler and went through different modifications to become what it is today.

Across continents, we will find many different forms of the flute.

While in the western countries it is made of metal, in the Indian subcontinent, flutes are made of bamboo.

Here, we will discuss various types of western flutes.

Through many changes and modifications, the medieval era German flute went on to take the shape of the modern western concert flutes.

The most popular and vividly used flute is pitched as C, which has 16 keys and three octaves from middle C and is called the C flute. When a B foot is attached to the C flute, it gets half step lower than the middle C. The flute comes with open or closed holes variant.

A flute pitched higher than the C flute and half of its size is called a Piccolo.

Flutes pitched lower than the C flutes are G alto and C bass flutes.

While these are commonly used flutes, there are flutes pitched even lower than these, such as the contrabass, double contrabass, and hyper bass.

Given the extreme popularity of the western C flutes worldwide, we will today look at some of the best western C flutes.

Things to Consider When Buying The Best Flute

A C-flute consists of parts such as the head joint, foot joint, the body and the keys. The head joint shape is crucial for the comfort of the player.

Another important aspect to look at is the synthetic rubber or cork which seals the head joint. Any defect in it will prevent the proper usage of the flute.

The foot joint depends on the level of learning of the flute. The student needs to consult their teacher about whether they should go for additional keys on the foot joint.

The body of the flute needs to be durable. For example, a nickel silver body is more durable than a pure silver body.

Talking about the keys, an important feature is the G key is either in line with other keys or offset, placed slightly left to other keys.

Even though just one key changes its position in the two variants, it makes a huge difference in how the fingers are positioned on the keys.

Depending on the comfort of the player, the position of the G key needs to be chosen.

Additionally, some companies manufacture the head joint such that it is curved, to make the keys positioned closer to the hands. This makes the flute easier to play for beginners.

Is Flute Easy To Learn?

Like any other instrument, even the best flute needs enough practice to play it flawlessly. If the procedure is followed correctly, a person can learn to play the flute within days at a beginner level.

The key lies in regulating the pressure of air blown through the mouthpiece and the rapid movement of fingers on the keys. With practice, one can easily master the art of doing both simultaneously and efficiently.

Top 10 Best Flutes In the Market

Here are the top 10 best flutes on the market. We have kept the list diverse so there is something for everybody – no matter how much your experience level or budget is.

So without further ado, let’s get started:

Mendini Flute with Closed C Hole

Mendini Flute with Closed C Hole

It has formed its own fanbase with many satisfied customers.

Cecilio is a popular name among manufacturers of musical instruments. The company produces a huge range of products including various string instruments, woodwind instruments and brass instruments.

In the Mendini by Cecilio range, the company introduced most of their student-friendly instruments. The Mendini closed C-hole flute has formed its own fanbase with many satisfied customers.

Starting from its look to the quality of the material, the Mendini closed C-hole flute has ticked all the boxes to be enlisted among the best flutes available in the market. Let us look at all its features in detail.

Key Features:

  • A 16-key variant with offset G key and split E key
  • Keys are nickel-plated
  • The mouthpiece is bevelled for best reception
  • Has top-grade double bladder pads
  • The keys are protected with rubber key bumpers
  • Cecilio provides one year warranty cover any manufacturing faults
  • Comes with joint grease, cleaning kit, gloves, protective case, foldable stand for the flute and pocketbook

With the trust of a brand such as Cecilio, this flute surely makes for a great choice for the beginners. Packed with features and accompanied by plenty of necessary accessories, the students will highly benefit buying it.

Great Quality
Mendini by Cecilio Premium Grade

Mendini by Cecilio Premium Grade

Best in quality with double bladder pads.

Keeping students in mind, Cecilio has brought into the market a large variety of premium range products for serious learners, but at a lower budget than most of the company’s peers.

This includes the next product we are about to discuss – the premium grade flute range by Mendini.

In this range, Cecilio has added both open and closed hole flutes. The brand has made minor customizations to create completely different models. This helps the flutes suit anyone and everyone finding the best flute as a beginner.

We will now jump straight to the features of this range of Cecilio flutes:

Key Features:

  • Pocket-friendly yet professional-like models
  • Offset G and split E keys in a 16-key flute
  • C flute in both closed and open hole variety
  • Keys are coated with nickel and have screws for adjustment
  • Accessories include: joint grease, cleaning kit, gloves, a deluxe casing for the flute and the parts, a foldable stand, and a pocketbook
  • A one-year warranty on the manufacturing defects of the product issued by Cecilio
  • Comes in many look and finish – silver-plated, nickel-plated, gold lacquered and silver with golden keys

With the classy look and upgraded features, this flute is not only a perfect pick for beginners, but can also be great for those making a transition to the intermediate phase of their learning.

Fantastic Sound
What is the Best Flute? Brand Buying Guide 4

Jean Paul USA FL-220

A loud and durable speaker for those who need to cover more space.

In the industry of student-level instruments, Jean-Paul barely needs any introduction.

The US-based company has always been on top of their game in catering to the needs of beginner flute player who are looking for an investment in the form of a quality instrument.

Besides other forms of instruments such as trumpets, saxophones, trombones, and clarinets, Jean-Paul has also given the market flutes for beginners as well as intermediate flute learners.

Today, we’ll look at the model for the beginner flute player – the FL 220. Let us quickly go through its features.

Key Features:

  • 16-key closed hole C flute
  • Keys have been power forged, making them highly durable
  • Mouthpiece customized especially for beginners, for brilliant reception
  • Great accuracy of notes
  • Body made with high-quality cupro-nickel – an alloy of copper and nickel
  • Comes with a handy cleaning kit
  • The carrying box is contoured to perfectly fit the flute
  • The body has a beautiful silver finish

Just like other instruments by Jean-Paul, the flutes also come with a guarantee to deliver top-class performance and are very easy to operate for beginners looking towards learning the flute.

Popular Choice
yamaha YFL-222

Yamaha YFL-222

It has Highly sensitive keys and perfect intonation

From beginners to professionals, Yamaha is a brand every instrument player swears by.

This frontrunner in the world of musical instruments are known for their best in class products which promise durability and quality.

Even though a bit more expensive than most of its peers, Yamaha products have been almost unprecedented when it comes to user satisfaction.

The age-old Japanese manufacturers have produced an uncountable variety of musical products and solutions.

From key instruments to string instruments and even amplifiers – you name it, Yamaha manufactures it all. Among the wide variety, there are flutes manufactured by Yamaha as well.

The most popular of all the entry-level flutes which Yamaha manufactures is their YFL 222 model.

Below are the features of this model which enlists among the best flutes for beginners.

Key Features:

  • Closed hole flute in 16-key variant
  • Nickel-silver keys made by power forge technology for increased longevity
  • Cork bumpers replaced with bumpers made of neoprene, a type of synthetic rubber, to improve flexibility
  • Footjoint alignment denoted with marker, to help beginner flute platers fit their instrument easily
  • One-year seller warranty on the flute
  • Stylish silver-finish body

Be it the look and finish, or be it the quality of the product, Yamaha fulfils all requirements for being one of the most trustworthy brands, and the YFL 222 is one of the most popular beginner flutes for true reasons.

Classic Choice
What is the Best Flute? Brand Buying Guide 5

Lazarro Flute with Closed Hole C

Lazarro’s flutes are relatively cheaper than similar flutes manufactured by other companies.

Talking about manufacturers of musical instruments, Lazarro is a brand that needs a mention.

The company is proud makers of saxophones, clarinets, trumpets, piccolos, violins and of course, flutes – which brings Lazarro to this discussion. Lazarro’s flutes are relatively cheaper than similar flutes manufactured by other companies but are comparable in terms of the output and quality. Besides its features and quality, Lazarro flutes have a professional look as well, making the owner of the instrument stand out of the crowd.

Here, we must have a look at the distinct features of Lazarro 120-NK flutes, which puts it among some best flutes.

Key Features:

  • Closed hole C flute
  • Flutes made following the USA and international standards
  • Body made of cupronickel – an alloy of copper and nickel – which makes it more durable
  • Every flute is handpicked by the quality checking experts at Lazarro
  • Accessories include – cleaning kit, grease, screwdriver and a hard carrying case
  • Warranty offered by Lazarro on manufacturing faults
  • Low on budget

For beginners on a budget, the Lazarro 120-NK, filled with brilliant features and accessories helpful for students, will surely be a great pick.

Brilliant Resonance
Gemeinhardt 3OB

Gemeinhardt 3OB

Comes with a wooden, vinyl-finish hard case.

Kurt Gemeinhardt was the fourth generation flute maker in his family.

Originally based in Germany, Kurt recognised the demand of musical instruments in America and moved there in the 1920s.

After producing flutes for other companies initially, in 1940, Kurt decided to start his own manufacturing company. That is how the flute specialists Gemeinhardt’s journey began.

Years of experience and the latest technology combine to make Gemeinhardt one of the best flute makers in the world.

Even though they manufacture other woodwinds such as clarinets, piccolos and saxophones, they have the largest variety in flutes. Though primarily the manufacturers of professional flutes, they quickly started producing pocket-friendly beginners’ flutes.

Though all their flutes promise top quality output, their 30B flute of the BLK series has been among the most popular among the users.

We will quickly look at the features of this model by Gemeinhardt.

Key Features:

  • Open hole C flute
  • The lip and riser made of sterling silver, on Gemeinhardt’s signature NG1 headjoint
  • Known for its brilliant resonance
  • Comes in offset G and with B footjoint
  • The body has a black nickel plating while the French style keys are silver plated
  • Accessories include a cleaning kit and a nylon cover for the hard case
  • Five-years’ warranty offered by Gemeinhardt

A flute from the expert flute-specialists for a beginner will not only be a great instrument, but a good investment for serious learners.

Intermediate Pick
Pearl 525RBE1RB Quantz

Pearl 525RBE1RB Quantz

The extreme fluidity of the keys, thanks to the pinless construction of the flute.

When Katsumi Yanagisawa started the Pearl Industries in the 1940s, they only manufactured music stands. When the Japan-based company started making drums, they became an instant hit.

Eventually, Pearl Industries started manufacturing various other instruments, including flutes. With their legendary innovations, Pearl secured their own spot among the best flute makers in the world.

Since their flute unit was set up in the 1960s in Chiba, Pearl Flutes have come up with path-breaking formulas for making their flutes. They are also known for making handcrafted pure silver and 10k, 14k and 18k gold flutes and other instruments.

Since Pearl started exporting their flutes across the globe, many prominent modern-day flautists have picked up the unique make offered by the company. Over 50 years, Pearl has earned the trust of many satisfied users of their instruments.

Here, we will look at the 525RBE1RB model from Pearl’s Quantz series and its features.

Key Features:

  • Open hole C flute, with offset G
  • Ring style keys
  • Has a B footjoint and E mechanism
  • Lip plate and riser made with 0.925 silver
  • Nickel silver body, head joint and foot joint
  • Arms are made French pointed – a unique feature of Pearl flutes
  • Refined, sharp tonal quality due to the precise headjoint cut
  • Consists of Pearl’s patented one-piece core bar
  • Each and every piece is handcrafted and handpicked
  • Trust of a brand like Pearl

The brilliant make and professional output of the Pearl flutes easily help the model become the perfect choice for beginners or even intermediate flute students.

Beginner Friendly
What is the Best Flute? Brand Buying Guide 6

Eastar EFL-1 beginner’s flute

It Comes with cleaning kit, screws for adjustment and gloves

Eastar has earned its place among the best instrument makers of recent times. From key instruments to string instruments and wind instruments, Eastar is a crowd favourite brand for beginners and professionals alike. Eastar has also brought to the market its range of flutes.

Many buyers have already been satisfied with the high-quality product within Eastar’s budget-friendly price range. Let us go through the features of Eastar’s beginner-friendly model – the Eastar EFL-1 to understand what makes it one of the best flutes for students out there.

Key Features:

  • Closed hole C flute
  • Durable body made of cupronickel – an alloy of copper and nickel
  • Nickel plated keys
  • Brilliant intonation with smooth operation keys
  • High carbon steel memory spring needle
  • Dual bladder plates made with Italian felt double-sheep casing
  • The hard carrying case is lightweight and comes with a nylon cover

The EFL-1 has been made with qualities suitable for a beginner, and the accessories which come along, are great for taking care of the instrument.

Best Entry Level Flutes
Kaizer FLT-1500NK

Kaizer FLT-1500NK

The product comes with a 45-day free trial, meaning the buyer can get a full refund within 45 days of purchase upon dissatisfaction.

Kaizer is one of the most renowned makers of student-grade instruments. Starting from trumpets, trombones, baritones, tubas, saxophones, Kaizer manufactures it all. The company has also introduced its own range of flutes for beginners, intermediate flute learners as well as professionals.

One of Kaizer’s most popular entry-level flutes is the Kaizer FLT-1500NK. Below are the features of the model.

Key Features:

  • 16-key closed hole C flute
  • Brilliant intonations, highly responsive keys
  • Keys made via power forging and with padding for better durability
  • Body made of nickel silver, with steel springs and screws for adjustment
  • Has offset G key and detachable split E footjoint
  • The headpiece has a bevelled shape for better reception of blown air
  • Comes in beautiful silver finish
  • A lifelong warranty on manufacturing defects offered by Kaizer

Besides Kaizer’s trust as a big brand, the company’s immensely helpful customer service will be essential for a beginner looking for their first flute.

Reliable Pick
Eastrock beginner’s flute

Eastrock beginner’s flute

Top-quality memory spring needle

From percussion, string instruments to woodwinds, Eastrock are slowly and steadily making their mark in the world of entry-level instruments.

Those who have had an Eastrock experience, have been more than satisfied, thanks to the company’s policy of keeping the budget of a beginner in mind.

Eastrock is known to make no compromise with the quality of their products. Since they have introduced their student level flutes, they became a hit among the professionals as well as beginners and intermediate students. Here are the distinctive qualities which makes it one of the best flutes for students.

Key Features:

  • 16 key, closed hole C flute
  • Has split E key and an offset G key
  • Body made of cupronickel – an alloy of copper and nickel
  • Metal echo panels produce great resonance
  • Airtight padding to make it long-lasting
  • Key spacing made keeping the comfort of beginners in mind
  • Two year’s warranty – either get a new flute as a replacement or full refund upon dissatisfaction
  • Comes with cleaning kit, flute stand, gloves and a contoured hard case

With a reliable warranty issued by the company and filled with unique features, this Eastrock masterpiece will surely be a brilliant choice for the beginners.

Wrapping Up

A good-quality instrument can be a great companion to a passionate learner. But, the most important quality is the skills of the student. With determination and hard work, one can pick up the art of playing this ancient instrument and produce melodious pieces. Hopefully, this article will be a helpful guide to all the beginners who are eventually going to become the next big flautist.

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