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Meet The Team Behind Apassant

Our team has expert knowledge in a variety of musical styles and instruments.

About Us 1

Jonathan Holmes

Jonathan is a writer, blogger, music producer, business owner, and owner of Apassant.

He has over 30 years of experience within the music industry and first started to learn the violin at the age of 6.  Since then he’s tried his hand at multiple instruments and has fully immersed himself in his musical career.

His early life was deeply intertwined with musicians, with both parents playing multiple instruments and being involved in community concerts and bands.

In addition to running and operating Apassant, Jonathan runs multiple online businesses that he operates with his wife Lejaun.


About Us 2

Sophia Clyde

Sophia is an expert violinist with over 20 years of experience.

During her career, she has not only played with some of the biggest and well-known orchestras but has been involved in the production of multiple albums and films as a backing violinist.

Despite largely focusing on the Violin, Sophia has managed to turn her hand to multiple instruments and frequently swaps between them as required during recording sessions.

Sophia owns an extensive collection of classical wind and string instruments.

About Us 3

Jason Mason

Jason is a music producer with a string of albums under his belt.

Additionally, Jason plays in a band ‘Day Plague’, where he swaps between playing the guitar and drums and other instruments.

Jason would describe himself as a self-confessed audiophile with a love of technology and listens to nearly every genre of music.