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SPARCool supports JSONP callbacks

While I was wondering how to embed SPARCool results in webpages without having to rely on server-scripting (namely PHP) nor facing AJAX cross-domain security issues, I got two requests asking if it could support JSONP. I figured out it was exactly what I was looking for, so a big thanks to Claudia and Rob for suggesting it !

It was quite straightforward to implement, and SPARCool now supports JSONP callbacks. So, one can call results using AJAX to dynamically embed SPARCool results in webpages (for instance, jQuery provides an easy way to use JSONP with it). It hence allows to construct dynamic pages using Linked Data resources without having to type any line of SPARQL code (e.g. listing members of a project, description of a resource, etc.). For instance, check the updated sparcool.net page and the new example at the bottom, listing – on runtime – all the members of the Clash, via a DBpedia through a SPARCool URL.

Enjoy !

(another) SIOC Browser

While Uldis released his SIOC live browser, and Christoph wrote a nice live query interface, here’s my attempt ofdesigning another SIOC browser / explorer.

The idea, as discussed with Uldis and John when I was in Galway, is to:

  • Crawl different SIOC blogs;
  • Put crawled data in a triple-store;
  • Query this data w/SPARQL over HTTP;
  • Get some clean interfaces to view the results.

The browser, is available here: http://apassant.net/hack/2006/06/sioc-browser/

As I still have some code to improve / redesign, I’ll explain the concepts and implementation (SAJAX + JSON + …) in detail later[1], but you still can try it now.

The 3store used at the moment is a bit unstable (actually, it seems that it’s more related to MySQL / JDBC driver that to Joseki), so I hope you can have a look at it before it’s down :)

Finally, SIOC community is quite active at the moment, so if you want to know more or participate, let’s join the SIOC mailing-list!


[1] Certainly next week as I’m away for the WE

Sauvegarde automatique pour l’édition en ligne ?

Mon browser vient de planter. Rien de dramatique à priori, sauf que j’étais en train d’écrire quelques notes sur mon wiki. Et donc, forcément, c’est perdu …

Tout ça pour me demander si avec l’utilisation d’AJAX, qui permet des échanges client-serveur transparents, il ne serait pas possible de proposer un système (optionnel) de sauvegarde automatique en mode édition des blogs/wikis toutes les X minutes ?

Il faut que j’aille voir si des outils bureautiques en ligne proposent ce genre de fonctionnalités.

Page d’accueil personnalisable avec netvibes.com

Netvibes.com propose de créer sa page d’accueil personnalisable, accessible depuis n’importe quel poste pourvu d’un accès Web.

Une interface super intuitive – et très classe[1] – grâce à AJAX, des fonctionnalités standards mais efficaces (météo, notes, lecteur RSS, webmail – pour l’instant gmail), et surtout, contrairement a start.com ou google.com/ig, un enregistrement plus que simple, où seul votre mail et un mot de passe vous seront demandés.

Et en plus, l’initiative est française, et l’interface francophone.

A soutenir !


[1] Non, je ne confonds pas classe et coquetterie