BigQuery for #MusicTech

A Google Developer video on BigQuery for #MusicTech

A few months ago, after my #MusicTech book was published, I’ve spend some hours with Felipe Hoffa, Developer Advocate at Google, talking about several musical data experiments built using the Google Cloud Platform, and specifically BigQuery.

You probably know that I’m a big fan of the Google Cloud Platform, so we had lots of fun discussing how BigQuery facilitates data exploration, analytics and more on large datasets. The result is a 20min video that was published today on Google Cloud Platform channel!

Our discussion was centred around three use-cases that I’ve written about previously, and you can see many live queries about them during the video:

Read about related experiments in my #MusicTech e-book
Read about related experiments in my #MusicTech e-book

As our meeting, and this video, were also the opportunity to talk about the #MusicTech e-book, here’s a direct link to get it for $9.99 (+VAT in Europe) for a week.

Hope you’ll enjoy watching the video as much as we enjoyed recording it 🙂 Thanks again to Felipe, and the production team, for the opportunity to showcase my work to a larger audience through the video!

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