MIDEM Music Hack Day 2014 – seevl hipster

Last week-end, the music industry meet in Cannes for MIDEM. And, as for the past 4 years, the music-tech community gathered for a special Music Hack Day, sponsored by Deezer and Spotify developer platforms and organised by Martyn Davies.

I’ve been lucky to participate for the third time in this week-end full of music, tech and energy, and built an obviously not-so-serious hack: seevl hipster

Do you want to impress your friend who’s into electro-folk, or that other one who only listens to avant-garde metal? Now you can! By logging-in to seevl hipster, you can eventually find obscure artists that match your friend tastes, and show-off on their Facebook wall.


This hack uses the Facebook API to identify your friends’ likes, that are sent to our (so far internal) seevl API, in order to match their top-genres (similarly to what you get when creating a seevl account), then using the API again to suggest musicians, linking to their seevl page for a full listening experience. It’s built using my now-favorite combo: AngularJS + Flask.

You can read more about the 18 hacks built during the week-end, and see how LEAP motion might solve your Justin Bieber addiction (a MHD without a Bieber hack is not really a MHD), how to DJ with Spotify, or how to recycle your old MIDI keyboard, among others.


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