The Semantic Web in action at

This blog has been quiet for months, as I essentially focused on and our brand new release, even though I still found time to attend a few music-tech hack-a-thons, including the MIDEM MusicHackDay one at the moment [1].

Yet, now that JSON-LD (the best thing in the Semantic Web sphere for years) is a W3C recommendation, than Google’s Knowledge Graph becomes even more central in Google’s search, and that Facebook acknowledges the Knowledge Economy in its strategy, here are a some tech posts on seevl’s blog you may want to check:

That’s what I call the Semantic Web in action. And if you want to see it live, check our brand new, and its newly-released auto-playlist feature!

Auto-mixtapes on
Auto-mixtapes on
[1]  If you haven’t seen it yet, check our venue-discovery demo done with Oscar from Gracenote!

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