SeatTrip – concert listing for your next trip (or “seatwave meets tripit”)

Another week-end, another MusicHackDay. This time, I’ve tried to new APIs:

  • seatwave – that just launched few days and that gives access to a wide range of events, including (obviously) concerts. Search by location, time-frame, venue (including coordinates!), and redirect to seatwave website to get event tickets. Interestingly, they do rev-share if some tickets are bought in one’s app using their API.
  • SendGrid – cloud-based e-mail services. Sending mails, but also – the most interesting part – receiving ones and parsing them. Simply configure a MX, a callback URL, and parse any incoming e-mail, including header, content and attachements – all in a REST-ful way

So, with those 2 APIs in mind, I’ve build SeatTrip – it’s like seatwave meets tripit. Send your plane ticket by e-mail, and get a listing of events that will happen in the area a few minutes later.

Sending a AerLingus ticket about a trip to London, I got the following e-mail in my inbox a few minutes later. First, a featured artist. I’m using our own seevl data to identify the featured artist using its meta-data, and display her/his biography.

Featured artist for your next trip!

Then, the listing of all concerts for the city at that time.

All concerts happening during your trip

For each event, it provide additional information from the seatwave API. First, it features a Google Map link to the venue (useful to buy your hotel nearby!).

Use GoogleMap to display the venue map

Also, it links to the seatwave website so that you can directly book your concert – and lists the number of remaining tickets if the show is almost sold-out!

Buy tickets from the seatwave website

Here’s now the fun part, about how this hack works:

  • First, once the e-mail is sent to an address mapped to SendGrip API – a PHP script extracts the location and the timeframe of the trip from the e-mail. The extraction if airline-specific, and so far the hack works only on AerLingus ticket (however, an abstraction layer allows to easily create new wrappers – a similar strategy as used in TripIt).
  • Then, the seatwave API is used to get the list of all events in the area for that period, including all events details.
  • Once we have the events, seevl is used to identify the featured artist from the list of available concerts.
  • Finally, the e-mail id rendered in HTML, and send via SendGrid.

It takes around 2 minutes to do the whole processing, check this short video to see it in action. Note that I changed the trip date as that was an old trip ticket for which seatwave didn’t get any data, and that the video has been cut to avoid the delay of receiving the e-mail with the listing.

Also, don’t forget to check this impressive list of 62 hacks – especially Buddhafy (mind-control for Spotify !) and Concerts2021 – the future of live gigs (or not, thanksfully 😉 !

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