Just sent that to sioc-dev, but I guess it worth a larger announcement :

We just made some changes to the SIOC Core ontology and to the related modules:

– Added OWL-DL compliance statements for SIOC Core and the Types / Access / Services modules
– Edited owl:disjointWith statements for some classes of SIOC Core
– Removed domain of sioc:note
– Removed domain of sioc:has_owner and range of sioc:owner_of
– Defined sioc:account_of as inverse property of foaf:holdsAccount
– Defined sioc:avatar as a subproperty of foaf:depiction

So, SIOC is now OWL-DL !
This change was motivated by the current SWANSIOC integration project that will be introduced during the upcoming ISWC tutorial on Semantic Web for Health Care and Life Sciences.

The SIOC Core Ontology Specification has been updated according to the changes.

The other good news regarding SIOC is that Yahoo! SearchMonkey now supports (and recommends !) it in its developer documentation. Moreover, in case you did not already read it, John published the Tales from the SIOC-o-sphere #8 about two weeks ago.

More generally, if you want to join the SIOC community, by developing new applications or APIs, or if you request some help regarding implementing SIOC in your existing tools, feel free to come on #sioc on or ask on the sioc-dev ML.

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