Semantic Web talks in Innsbruck

I’ll present a paper co-written with Uldis Bojars, John Breslin and Stefan Decker – and with Dan Brickely’s valuable feedback – titled “Social Networks and Data Portability using Semantic Web technologies” on the 2nd Social Aspects on the Web workshop (SAW2008) next tuesday in Innsbruck. As you can guess, the talk will show how FOAF and SIOC can provide efficient and normalized ways to model social networks and user contributions on the Web and thus achieve (some of) the data portability goals. Uldis will also give a related talk on Friday at XTech in Dublin.

Some Semantic-Web related talks also occur in the main BIS conference, with some keynotes on this topic and various talks related to ontologies on monday afternoon, some of them also linking to Web 2.0 aspects as tagging and wikis. It should be interesting to see how the social semantic web (call it web n.0) is spread in organizations. I’ll also present here the use of a form-based Semantic Wiki in corporate environment. Think of it as “hidden semantics” or how to let people manage ontology instances and re-use it without any knowledge of RDF. BTW, the great talk by Denny Vrandečić about Semantic MediaWiki in the WWW2008 Dev-Track also showed how SMW could be used that way, with a nice example :-). Once again, I really enjoyed the experience of being there, meeting some of the people I knew only on the Web, listening to great talks (I especially liked Google’s keynote about cloud computing, querying and fuzzy-logic, Web 2.0 and learning , W3C SW track, Dev-track and SW panel, and of course the LDOW workshop) and presenting some of my works in front of such an audience.

Next steps, ESWC2008 and related workshops, IC, and of course, finish writing my PhD thesis… you were right Tom, it really takes a long time!

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