owl:sameAs reciprocity with OpenID

Still working on SparqlPress, I just adapted foaf-output for it, as a part of the future export capabilities of the plugin. It exports users in a group, or individually. Once again, thanks to OpenID and SPARQL capabilities of the backend, I can retrieve the related FOAF document, and also the URI of the user.

Thus, the export can provide owl:sameAs + rdfs:seeAlso links to the original people / file, like on that profile (BTW, well done for wikini and its FOAF export). The great thing, imho, is that it shows how OpenID can add a trust layer to the Semantic Web, by providing an automatic way to have bi-directional owl:sameAs links between URIs, which means both parts agree on the fact that they’re the same. Since you can link from your foaf profile to any URI on the Semantic Web, you need a way from this URI to link to your original FOAF file. This SW+OpenID association provides it, and could be really useful in a Linked Data perspective.

NB: OK Morten, now we’ll have to check how to avoid recursion :)

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