MOAT module for Drupal 5

A first release of the MOAT module for Drupal 5 is available on (get from cvs for latest features).

It features a simple interface that will query a server for the tags you used and show the available URIs that have been defined by yourself or by other users of the same server. At the moment, it makes no distinction between both, neither between your friends’URIs and other people ones.

You can also add a new URI, which will be automatically sent to the server so that anyone can re-use it later.

It outputs the node with the SIOC module and a sioc:topic link (output example), a next release will feature “moat-augmented” RetrictedTagging objects from the Tag ontology.

And so, if your application pings PTSW or someone browe the page with Semantic Radar, its content will be available almost instantaneously for semweb applications.

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