(another) SIOC Browser

While Uldis released his SIOC live browser, and Christoph wrote a nice live query interface, here’s my attempt ofdesigning another SIOC browser / explorer.

The idea, as discussed with Uldis and John when I was in Galway, is to:

  • Crawl different SIOC blogs;
  • Put crawled data in a triple-store;
  • Query this data w/SPARQL over HTTP;
  • Get some clean interfaces to view the results.

The browser, is available here: http://apassant.net/hack/2006/06/sioc-browser/

As I still have some code to improve / redesign, I’ll explain the concepts and implementation (SAJAX + JSON + …) in detail later[1], but you still can try it now.

The 3store used at the moment is a bit unstable (actually, it seems that it’s more related to MySQL / JDBC driver that to Joseki), so I hope you can have a look at it before it’s down 🙂

Finally, SIOC community is quite active at the moment, so if you want to know more or participate, let’s join the SIOC mailing-list!


[1] Certainly next week as I’m away for the WE

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