Ca bouge chez blogmarks ?

Ca fait quelque temps que j’attends du nouveau chez blogmarks, service français de social-bookmarking à la, qui a la particularité de générer des copies d’écran miniatures de vos bookmarks (et comme j’ai plus tendance à retrouver un site avec un screenshot qu’à me balander dans une liste d’URLs, je trouve ça très intuitif).

Donc, si l’on en croit ce billet et ces slides de znarf, on devrait bientot avoir des infos sur blogmarks 2.0. En plus, ça parle de GPL, c’est pas une bonne nouvelle ça ?

Ah tiens, une question, y’a du RubyOnRails la dessous ?

Update of SIOC exporter for Drupal

With approval of its official maintainer, I’ve just updated the SIOC exporter[1] for Drupal, so that it now exports HTML content of Posts, using sioc:content_encoded.

I’ve also added the ability for users to set the number of posts/users/etc to display, and fixed a small bug about rendering URLs.

BTW, a SIOC plugin for dotclear is coming soon.


[1] More informations about SIOC can be found on

Record shops directory on

I’m happy to announce my first application. For those who don’t know, ning is a free playground to easilly create social applications.

So, my first app is RecordShops, located at It aims to be a worldwide directory of independant music shops[1] where users can freely add their shops and tag and/or rate others’ ones. Shops can then be sorted and found by ratings, tags, locations …

The service also provides a map to locate shops – using GoogleMaps – and an RSS feed that lists last added shops.

Have fun, add shops, rate, tag… so that I’ll get news shops to discover next time I’ll go abroad :)


[1] Well, you can add mainstream ones, but I thinks that’s not so fun to discover

Comparer GoogleMaps & YahooMaps

Cette application Ning de Jon Aquino permet de comparer en simultané l’affichage d’une zone via GoogleMaps et YahooMaps.

Google semble en général avoir plus d’informations disponibles à présenter, que ce soit sur les noms des rues ou sur les rues elles-mêmes. Par contre, bon point pour Yahoo (version Flash) avec la minicarte de navigation qui permet de se déplacer facilement et de situer le contexte. En plus, ça me rappelle Kick Off :)

Retrieving FOAF informations with PHP

After reading this tutorial by Ian Davis about parsing FOAF files with PHP – which is also a good introduction to RDF and FOAF -, I started to write a PHP5 library to easilly retrieve informations from FOAF files.

The goal of PHOAF is to provide a set of functions to get information from a FOAF file without any knowledge about FOAF or RDF.


$foaf = new FOAFProfile("http://mywebsite/profile.rdf"); $me = $foaf->root(); echo $me->getName() . " knows " . $sizeof($me->knows()) . " people";

It still needs some documentation, code cleaning and so on, but information about the project can be found on its homepage, and you can download a first package here.

A first app using it will be online soon, in the next 2 weeks I hope, and updates of the library will occur at the same time.